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If you have a vacancy simply inform us. We like to find out as much as possible about your requirements so that we can compare your needs with the skills and abilities of our candidates. If we don’t have anyone who can meet your needs we will inform you. If we have a suitable candidate or candidates we will put them forward. Ideally we would meet with you to go through the candidates and give you an opportunity to ask questions and find out more and see how you wish to take it from here.

Most employers prefer to interview a number of potential candidates, some employers have asked us to carry out interviews and select the most suitable candidate. We will take our lead from you. Clearly you, the employer, are the person who decides whether to offer the position.

If you hire a candidate we can provide support for both you and your new employee post recruitment also. Our commitment is to ensure a win-win outcome for both you and your new employee so we are available to iron out any teething problem or to provide additional support around the training in period or to provide specific disability related advice and assistance if necessary.

Candidates available for employment: