Why choose us?


Saves you time & Money

Recruitment is an expensive and time consuming process, we make it easier by providing pre-screened candidates who are specifically selected according to their suitability for your company.

We are tried & Tested

We celebrated a decade in business in 2011! So we are well and truly tried and tested (see testimonials section for further details, many local businesses have successfully recruited through us).

The Business Case is proven

It makes sound business sense to reflect the community in your workforce. Customers with disabilities, their friends, families and people who work with people with disabilities are more likely to be loyal to a business which employs people with disabilities. (include a link to the business case information here)

Improves staff morale & Teamwork

Staff morale, commitment and teamwork have been proven to improve when a business employs people with disabilities. Businesses have found that work can become a more positive place for all when colleagues see the obstacles their co-worker with a disability overcomes to be at work.

We are committed to a good job match!

We are not driven to place people for a financial gain but to improve the quality of their lives, realise their dreams and goals and therefore find them a good fit in terms of job placement.  Our commitment is always to the good job match. If we don’t have the right person we would prefer not to put anyone forward.

We have in-depth knowledge of our job seekers.

We work intensively with our job seekers, usually spending eight weeks getting to know people before we put them forward for positions.  Therefore we know our candidates well and are in the best position to know if they are a fit for your business.

Your concerns are our concerns.

Our team members come from different professional backrounds and together we have accumulated a wealth of skills and expertise in meeting the needs of Clare businesses over the years.  We understand the pressure people are under to compete in a business or service environment.  We are aware of and share your concerns regarding compliance, legislation and health and safety in the workplace.

You may be eligible for a grant up to a ma of €10.748 p.a. per employee.

We can provide information about relevant grants. Our experienced Employment Facilitators can assist you by providing relevant information about grants and supports you can avail of and assisting you with the application process. The Wage Subsidy is a scheme whereby employers can benefit from a subsidy of €5.30 p.h. if they employ certain people who have a disability for 21 hours p.w. or more (see further information under Grants)

You demonstrate a clear commitment to equality

You benefit by demonstrating concrete evidence to support your organisational commitment to the employment of people with disabilities, and show that your practices are a clear implementation of your policies

Avail of extra support with induction & orientation

You enjoy the support of an Employment Facilitator to provide on the job training if necessary.