Lets Get Started

Let’s Get Started is an ambitious action learning project which will run in Co Clare for the next year starting in Nov 2012. This Genio funded project will give the opportunity for a number of individuals with a disability to plan a micro business or social enterprise; drawing on community and family supports in their own area.

The project has three distinct phases;

1. Research worldwide how individuals with a disability, illness or injury are earning an income from enterprising initiatives.  Explore using the internet, interesting business ideas and how people are getting their products and services to market.  Share this learning in Co Clare and use it to inspire others to try entrepreneurial approaches to get an income.

2. Develop an action learning project for up to 8 individuals to plan and start their own business with support from local networks, community and family supports.  Emphasis on experiential learning by doing; developing a business plan and identifying resources that will be needed to make their business idea viable and sustainable for the longer term.

3. Capture learning from the Let’s Get Started Project and create materials that will make this option easier for others in the future who would like to get an income and provide a valued service or product.  Publish and promote these materials for others to use.

A Project leader will coordinate the work under the guidance of a community based steering group including EmployAbility Clare, Obair Newmarket, Scariff Community Cooperative, Clare Volunteer Centre and advocates.

For further information contact Richard Collins on; richardcollins@clare.brothersofcharity.ie