What we do

We support people with an illness, injury or disability to secure employment.

We support employers to meet their staffing needs.

Our vision is ‘Realising Ability and Making work a Reality’.

Firstly we support job seekers to identify the kind of work they would like to do and are suited to. This involves looking at previous employment, work experience, education, training, skills and interests. During this stage your Employment Facilitator will work with you to develop your job seeking action plan and help with career planning and CV preparation.

In the second stage your Employment Facilitator will set about sourcing suitable employment to match your skills and abilities. Your Employment Facilitator will contact employers on your behalf or will support you to contact employers directly. During this stage it is important to ensure that you are readily contactable so that your Facilitator may contact you quickly if an opportunity arises. Many people enhance their skills and increase their opportunity for employment by undertaking temporary periods of work experience during this stage. You will be supported through the application and interview process.

Once you are offered employment your Facilitator can provide you with support to assist you to adapt to your new position and to ensure that you have every opportunity to do well in your new job.  The support offered is individualised and you your Facilitator can discuss and agree what kind of support is most suitable for your needs.

The process is for a period of eighteen months.