Client Feedback

“Since I started with this service it
has improved my life. I now feel
needed and appreciated.”

“I was anxious about going to
EmployAbility as I didn't know
what to expect and I believed that
I wouldn't be able to get a job or
manage it. I was welcomed and
supported to aim high and have
value in my self and my skills. I
found out that I am employable
and that I am able for a part time
role in a supportive environment.”

”I would highly recommend the serviceand would not be where I am today without it.”

“A huge shout out to Yvonne Madden.
She was a brilliant mentor and
counsellor who stood like a rock by
me during my tough times of finding
a job. She made sure I got the best
match possible for my skills and
education. And she was instrumental
in preparing me for interview, CV
reviews, mock interviews. I cannot
thank her enough for the support and
mentorship throughout.”

“Excellent staff who give brilliant
advice. Great with pushing people
towards getting a job or going to
college. Very supportive.”

“It couldn’t have been any better.
Everything was taken into account
from my health to experience
and what I wanted for the
future. I couldn’t have got better
guidance. We are so lucky to have
someone so kind and caring and

“The service was perfect. It is very much the best I have come across – no changes needed.”

“Employability have given me a whole new lease of life since having given me their exceptional support and guidance on finding me a new job. With their 100% support and guidance l have begun to turn my whole life around for the better l couldn't have done it without them. They are invaluable service to the varied people requiring help with job finding they assist with health and housing for example which cannot be excluded from the job itself for some. I cannot thank Aodhnaid (employability worker) enough for turning my life around.”

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